Pax 3 review to end the confusion

Pax 3 release date is gradually coming closer and people are going crazy to buy this new product in the market. This product of pax has been termed as the most advanced vaporizer on the market-beating its other versions and other brands. The competition is healthy in terms of the pax products but can be harmful to the other vaporizers.

Pax 3 review and sale
Pax 3 review has marked the product as something too much outstanding. People have started booking it even before the release. The vaporizer is no doubt flooded with too many specifications and technological advancements but has the same body and structure as the other pax models, only the colors are different and this time 4 options for the color part.

Specifications of the tycoon
The bong is loaded with many new things. There are LEDs in the product to mark the lack of battery power and the temperature rise of the device. The mouthpiece is same while the filling portion is smaller according to some. The most prominent feature is the 4 different temperature settings for different products. The concentrates and leaves will behave differently, so the sensors and LEDs will let you know. Its specifications like three different slots for various products. According to the manufacturers the idea of different slots emerged from the difference in choice of users. Some people prefer flowers while the others need concentrate, thus the version has space for both of them.

The pax 3 vaporizer is a very tough competition for other vaporizers in the market. Its ability to be managed by the vaping application and being controlled by the Bluetooth of your mobile phone has added to the features. This is the reason the product is so popular even before it is released in the market.

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