A unique and patented
bottle opener and money clip.

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The BeerClip™ is only thru this website at this time!

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$14.95 each
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$10.95 each
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Spring Steel BeerClip™
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 Maximum of 3 Characters (font as shown)
All will be in Capital (upper case)

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To order multiple BeerClips with custom printing just return after each order entry by clicking on the Continue to Shop button and fill out the form to the left.  Remember to change the Printing Info in the box!

Bottle Opener Money Clip

Note: Letter Style is as shown here:
*Image Sizes may vary from shown as it may be necessary
to "size to fit" the artwork elements into the space.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Just $14.95 Beer Mug & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 USA Eagle & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Police Badge & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Anchor & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Golf Flag & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Shark & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Buck & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Lucky Chip & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Baseball/Glove & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Football Helmet & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Basketball & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 AirPlane & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Medical Symbol & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 No Graphic & 3 Letters
No Graphic BeerClip
3 Initials Only
Just $14.95 Dice & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Scales of Justice & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Soccer Ball & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Steer Skull & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Crew Rowing & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Sailboat & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 BlackJack & 3 Letters
Just $14.95 Fire Dept Maltese & 3 Letters
Just $10.95 Man In Tux
Just $10.95 3 Men on Barrels

Questions or Problems concerning your order?  E-mail us at inquiry@beerclip.com  and place your Order Number in the subject box of the e-mail.  Thank you.

The BeerClip can be customized for Corporate or Promotional events.  Please e-mail inquiry@beerclip.com to request more information.

Disclaimer:  A variation from piece to piece may occur due to the properties of the metal and the manufacturing process
including tooling marks, laser markings and errant scratches, but will not affect the overall function of the pieces.